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Do not expect that you can do this as though you were Siddhartha Guatama Buddha himself - it is natural for thoughts to come and go, and sometimes epiphanies come that are quite valuable and should not be repressed. Other times painful feelings arise, but as you meditate you release attachment to them and heal. Sometimes you fall asleep, and there is nothing wrong with that - your mind and body need it, and when you awake you can return to your meditation.

Healing Chakra Meditation: Sleep Meditation, Meditation Music to Sleep & Heal Seven Chakras

You may enter waking dream states also, and these are valuable experiences to which, with practice, you may cultivate the ability to visualize your desires in a vivid simulacrum of reality. Even as these varied states may occur throughout the process of meditation, gently return your mind to silence and neutrality. Even if you only attain this state for a few brief moments, the natural divine energy within you will rise, providing you with refreshment of spirit and clarity of mind.

A good place to start is with listening to your ambient surroundings, the buzz of the refrigerator, whirr of the air conditioner, traffic in the street below, or the sound of waves, or cicadas in the trees. Whatever, is your background noise wherever you are - listen to that, and not to the interior monologue, the chatter of your ego talking to itself.

Because you cannot think two thoughts at once, if you turn your focus to simply listening your mind will stop thinking and be silent.

Explore Your Energy Body in Depth

If your surrounding be too distracting then listen to meditation music through earphones. The quieting meditation clears your mind and prepares you to focus on writing your Chakra Affirmations, the next step. For each of the Chakras listed above , you will write an affirmation that represents your ideal state for that Chakra. Your statement can be as long or as short as fits you, and, of course, it will reflect your unique individual identity.

I typically write one paragraph for each Chakra. With repetition, these affirmations evolve and change as you do, but the written record is a valuable resource to refer to that helps you chart your spiritual evolution. Also, there is power in putting things in writing, a power that gives formality, finality, and seriousness to thought, that is beyond merely saying or thinking thought. By doing the written exercise you partake of the full power of the word.

The following is a questionnaire that you may fill out for each Chakra. Write your ideal state or fantasy or desire for each question pertaining to each Chakra. What or who is the spirit that guides your intelligence and your will and your purpose in life? Ajna: What is your ideal of your capacity to dream and imagine?

The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces Within You by Ambika Wauters

What is your ideal of your perceptions? Vishuddha: What is your ideal way of communicating with the world and expressing yourself? What is your ideal way of taking action in life? What is your ideal of listening and understanding? Anahata: What is your ideal of emotional being? What is the nature of your ideal relationships of friends, family, lovers?

What are the ideals of your heart? Manipura: What is your ideal life circumstances in career, finance, and social status?


What is your ideal home? What do you want materially in life? What is your ideal of physical beauty? What is your greatest sensual pleasure? Muladhara: What is your ideal state of physical well being? What is your connection to the Earth and to nature? Sivasana: What are your feelings about death? What are your fears, and how do you face them ideally? What is darkness and the unknown? What is non-existence? The idea is to write the answers in such a way that you are visualizing the ideal of each of these Chakras, each of these spheres of influence upon your existence.

The 7 Chakras – A Beginners Guide To Your Energy System

In the third part of the meditation, you allow these affirmations to flow from the ideal chakra unto your practical chakra and thereby receive the powerful blessing that allows you to manifest all that which you desire. Begin by charging this chakra with orgasmic sexual pleasure. Additionally, the use of entheogenic sacraments such as mushrooms or cactus is recommended.

In the altered orgasmic ecstatic state of consciousness and intense sexual arousal the ego disconnects, and the Kitty Kundalini arises. Breathe deeply and steadily and allow this orgasmic ecstasy to charge each of your Chakras in turn as you visualize them. The use of frequencies Solfeggio Frequencies for example embedded in music through a sound bath, or through meditation music listened to through head phones can help propel this practice into a full-blown mystical experience of healing and self actualization.

Because the Pussy Chakra mediation is anchored in the 3rd, Sexual, Chakra the meditation begins there. Beauty - Swadhisthana - Feel the power in your pussy. Build up orgasmic bliss in your pussy as you visualize the glowing inner orb of your perfect beauty and supreme sexual pleasure. Wealth - Manipura - Channel the sexual ecstasy into the chakra of material well-being.

Visualize the orb of wealth glowing in your belly. Allow yourself to cum passionately and transform that sexual vitality into material abundance as you bless your wealth chakra with delicious Kitty Kundalini. Love - Anahata - Visualize at your solar plexus, at your sternum. On the contrary, the stories and humor shared throughout the book bring the reader along on an intimate journey filled with the range of human experience. It handles some heady subjects in a practical, easy-to-understand manner to which I believe anyone can relate. In the world and lives of sensitives and empaths, finding a kindred spirit that speaks our language and one who is willing to "put it out there" sharing a personal yet similar journey, is a true gift.

I have read and reread Ms. Cusick's book with great interest, and each time there is more to learn an a deeper level to reach. The love and caring that pour through the pages, the depth of the Ms. Cusick's understanding of the material and the simplicity with which he presents it make this book very enjoyable, easy to digest and apply. Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Angel has a terrific "voice" and her book is a very engaging read. I had a strange thing happen when I was reading the Chrysalis Stage.

I literally realized I had tears welling up in my eyes as I was reading the words of an angel, and when I got to the description of what the chrysalis stage is I found myself crying. I think I realized I am coming out of my own Chrysalis stage. I felt like those words were meant for me. I have always known that I have a wonderful guardian angel and protectors so I particularly enjoyed reading about our guides, kindrid spirits and guardian angels. Everyday tools are in the book as well such as detachment There's a freedom and an inner lift to the spirit when we can truly let go and detach.

One of my take-home messages is this:. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.