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Prying Eyes. Expose to Daylight. Persistent Petitioners. Font of Agonies. One with Nothing. Dance of the Manse has no chance. Doom Foretold is powerful, but looks to be hard to use. However, once you start milling them, this just becomes the perfect answer, so it goes up quite a bit in a deck that is trying to do that.

Escape to the Wilds is a bigger version of Light up the Stage. I see Escape to the Wilds as something akin to a draw 3. You get to play this, play a land, and then next turn play another land plus spells, depending on costs. Faeburrow Elder will let you run over any opponent when drawn early, and even late can give you the mana to make some big plays.

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman heavily impacts the board with two Wolves a turn, gains loyalty when they die, and can even kill fliers or big creatures that are threatening him. Grumgully is generous indeed. I really like Improbable Alliance.

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If you start with this in a draft, the draw-2 deck is exactly where you want to go, and will reward you richly if you get there. In a baseline RW deck, this will be great. The men of the Golden Company prefer to call themselves a free brotherhood of exiles, rather than sellswords. The high officers display a rude splendor. Like many in their trade they keep their worldly wealth upon their person, including jewelled swords, inlaid armor, heavy torcs, and fine silks.

Many wear a lord's ransom in golden arm rings, with each ring signifying one year's service with the Golden Company.

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The captain-general's tent, made of cloth-of-gold, is surrounded by a ring of pikes topped with the gilded skulls of previous captains-general. The Golden Company's reputation was quickly established when Qohor refused to honor the contract it had made. The sellswords sacked Qohor as an answer to the Free City 's refusal. Although Aegor was allowed to join the Night's Watch , his ship was taken while sailing to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and Bittersteel rejoined the Golden Company.

Maelys Blackfyre won command of the Golden Company by twisting the head of his cousin, Daemon Blackfyre , until it was torn from his shoulders. Ser Barristan Selmy cut a bloody path though the Golden Company's ranks to slay Maelys the Monstrous in single combat on the Stepstones. When Daenerys Targaryen was a little girl, her brother Viserys once feasted the captains of the Golden Company in the hopes they might take up his cause to reclaim the Iron Throne from King Robert I Baratheon.

They ate his food and heard his pleas and laughed at him. The Golden Company is said to now be made up of exiles and the sons of exiles. According to sailors in King's Landing , they are making for Volantis. She uses this information in her attempt to convince him to help with her scheme to crown Princess Myrcella Baratheon as Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men.

He has heard many men say that Stannis Baratheon has hired them and is bringing them across the narrow sea. Cersei then tells the council that Qyburn heard from a Myrish galley that the Golden Company are making their way to Volantis , so if they mean to cross to Westeros they are marching the wrong way. Before the Golden Company broke their contract, the Yunkish attempted to contract the Golden Company for their campaign on Slaver's Bay.

An envoy offered twice what Myr was paying them, plus a slave for every man in the company, ten for every officer, and a hundred choice maidens for the commander, Harry Strickland. Harry told the envoy he would think on his proposal; he thought a blunt refusal might have been unwise as his men would think he had taken leave of his wits. Jon is unsure if Myles's successor, Homeless Harry, is aware of the plan. The company sails with Jon and Aegon from Volon Therys for Westeros, but the Volantene fleet transporting them is scattered by a storm after leaving Lys.

Chains tells Arianne many stories about the company and its members, including that of Little Pussy and his lucky cat, as well as the time someone made off with Harry Strickland's favorite elephant. He tells her that Lord Mace Tyrell 's army is descending on the castle from King's Landing and that she will want to be safe inside the walls before the battle. The Golden Company consist of ten thousand men. These include five hundred knights , each with three horses , and a similar number of squires, each having one horse. Black Balaq commands a thousand bows, with a third using crossbows and another third wielding double-curved horn-and-sinew bows common to Essos.

The archers with Westerosi blood use big yew longbows, while fifty Summer Islanders use great bows of famed goldenheart. A brotherhood of exiles and the sons of exiles, united by the dream of Bittersteel. It's home they want, as much as gold.

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